Advanced Search Options and Tips
symbol usage example
- exclude a word character -dialogue returns entries that contain character but not dialogue
OR search for either of two or more words character OR motivation OR desire
returns results with any of the three words
""search for the exact phrase contained inside the quotes "top story"
returns only the exact phrase top story
() enclose concepts inside (), can be combined with OR to connect similar words(top OR bottom) story
returns results with top and story, as well as bottom and story
+ search for a word exactly as typed+fictional returns only fictional, whereas fictional with no + searches for both fiction, fictional, and other variants on fiction
* fill in the blank(s), wildcard "literary * story" the star is treated as a placeholder for any unknown term(s), literary award winning story, literary fictional story, etc. are returned.
intitle: searches for the term only in document titlesintitle:dialogue returns only documents where dialogue is in the title